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Nouri Al Maliki Speaks- Condoleeza "we went to Iraq to overthrow Saddam"

Quotes directly attributed to Maliki from multiple sources
Link & RT & Sputnik 

“They [the United States] say, and I regret this and reject this, that the victory is their achievement because they led this war, but really this is a victory of the Iraqi army. Yes, they supported us with their aviation, but the main praise belongs to the Iraqi soldier, the people’s militia, Iraq’s air force,” Maliki said.
Recall my mention of the fact the US was quite quiet on the Mosul success claimed by the Iraqis? In this post. "There’s a rumour going round that Mosul was taken back from ISIS.  At least the Iraqis are claiming they have successfully taken back Mosul. The US was a whole lot quieter about this alleged victory. Why might that be?  Might it have something to do with this victory, not, being one truly accepted by the US? Because it doesn’t fit cards they are playing?"

Maliki continues: "This victory is not final – there are still pockets where terrorists are hiding … there are sleeper cells even in Diyala,” Maliki said.
"ISIS will be unable to advance or take over territories in Iraq, but its sleeper cells remain in cities including the capital city of Baghdad" Nouri Maliki said.
Maliki said that Russia preserved the entire West Asia region from being destroyed by keeping its stance toward the Syrian and the Iraqi governments.
"I have said this before and I will repeat it again – if it were not for the Russian stance, the region would be fully destroyed, its map would be new and unusual … Without Russia’s approach to the Syrian issue which differs from the one of the US, the Syrian regime would have fallen, terrorists would have intensified their actions thanks to this, the regional map would change and in the end it would lead to the fall of Baghdad,” Maliki said.

On America creating ISIS
 Maliki said "but it is America who created ISIS in the first place and now Washington seeks to establish military bases on Iraqi territory in order to maintain influence in the region."
"IS resembles the Taliban which was created by the US administration to counter the USSR in Afghanistan. The same way, IS was created to counter the Iraqi stance, which did not agree to blockade Syria, was against no-fly zones in Syria and against American military bases," he stated.

Recall Condoleeza Rice and her “birth pangs of a new middle east”

"We didn't go to Iraq to bring democracy to Iraq we went to Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein… It was a security problem," Rice, who also served as US secretary of state, said on Thursday.

How anyone, anywhere could have believed otherwise is incomprehensible.

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Trump Cuts Aid to CIA Funded Rebels. Just More FAKE NEWS

Fake news
Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.
Fake news is published with the intent to sensationalize and mislead in order to grab attention. Misdirection.  

So called “big news” from the other day. Trump cuts funding for CIA backed rebels.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, it seemed I had read this was already occurring.

So why this ample news coverage at this time?

 It seemed to me as if the raison d'etre  of this abundant coverage was to spin this old news as if  it was something new and recent. And also to push the idea that Trump had caved in to Russian demands. 

Neither scenario: old news as new or caving to Russia is legit. This is just more fake news. 
More straight up bullshit.
And, even worse,  a soap box for John McCain

Financial Times
"If these reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin,” John McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate armed services committee, countered. “Making any concession to Russia, absent a broader strategy for Syria, is irresponsible and short-sighted,” he said"
How about this fake news headline from the Telegraph: Donald Trump ends covert CIA aid to Syrian rebels in 'win' for Russia

Independent and it's fake News headline:  Trump 'ends programme to arm anti-Assad rebels' in move sought by Russia

Let's go back FIVE MONTHS AGO. To February of this year. 2017.
#World News February 21, 2017 / 7:17 AM / 5 months ago

Exclusive: CIA-backed aid for Syrian rebels frozen after the rebels came under Islamist attack - sources

  CIA-coordinated military aid for rebels in northwest Syria has been frozen since they came under major Islamist attack last month, rebel sources said, raising doubts about foreign support key to their war against President Bashar al-Assad.

So rebel funding has been frozen since January of this year
The halt in assistance, which has included salaries, training, ammunition and in some cases guided anti-tank missiles, is a response to jihadist attacks and has nothing to do with U.S. President Donald Trump replacing Barack Obama in January, two U.S. officials familiar with the CIA-led program said.
The freeze reflects the troubles facing Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels in the almost six-year-old revolt against Assad
Reuters confirmed the freeze with officials from five of the FSA groups that have been recipients of financial and military support from the so-called "MOM operations room".
It was also confirmed by two other senior FSA figures briefed on the matter.
They spoke on condition of anonymity given the covert nature of the CIA-backed program and the sensitivity of the subject.
 Another article discussing the funding freeze that actually occurred months ago

 February 2017: Confirmed the CIA is not longer aiding Syrian rebels

At least for the time being all rebels have been cut off without exception

This makes me believe there are other equally important reasons CIA aid is being reconsidered.
For one thing, such an enterprise requires the cooperation of Turkey and Jordan which is waning. Jordan has been cooling on Syria regime change for a while, while Turkey detests US military support for Syrian Kurds and has intermittently frustrated US access to Syria (and Incirlik air base) simply to get even.
 So in January of this year the CIA funding was cut  across the board. One reason is due to Turkey's non cooperation, thanks to the US betrayal by arming their enemy.

Concluding!  The whole brouhaha about this not new and non news story was FAKE NEWS, pure and simple.

Plainly rehashed to include rubbish about this being proof of Trump giving in to Russian demands-

Bottom line- the US is funding the PKK/YPG. They have ensconced themselves in annexed/stolen Syrian territory and will now direct and fund attacks on Turkey. 

Look at the map leaked by Turkish media? The US didn't deny they have forces present in those places. The US merely played the victim/bad Turkey card.

US Increases Military Posts in Kurd Annexed Syria: Vindicated Again

Julie Payette Should Not Be Governor General of Canada

Julie Payette Should Not Be Governor General of Canada

Julie Payette Should not be Governor General of Canada

First reason? As a Canadian woman, I want to state unequivocally, that Julie Payette should be held to the same standards a man would be held to if one had been nominated for this position.

Secondly I am of the opinion, though it is claimed this position is “largely ceremonial”. It  isn’t.  Have Canadians forgotten the multiple prorogued governments granted by the so called ceremonial Governor- General   Julie Payette is very compromised making her unfit for this position.

Finally - I am of the opinion Julie Payette has only been nominated for this position due to her sex- Female.  Making her appointment blatantly sexist.  With consideration to her francophone status and popularity in Quebec.
"Trudeau will be hoping to get a political boost by appointing Payette, who happens to be a francophone woman from Quebec, which happens to be the key constituency for the Liberal Party of Canada"

She was involved in a motor vehicle accident which saw an individual die. One can read about the accident here- Julie Payette involved in fatal collision before assault charge laid
Along with additional information about Julie Payette’s divorce which curiously saw divorce records unavailable for public scrutiny because there is presently a motion before the courts to seal the records

“Those records should be public but the bulky files were "in a judge's chambers" Wednesday, a clerk said. A motion is before the court to seal the records”
 Ms Payette was charged with assault, the charges were dropped, and expunged from her record. It's likely Ms Payette, herself,  made the motion to seal the divorce records. 
Sealed divorce records and expunged assault charges? Curious? 
 -Narrative control. 
 -Perception management.

Julie Payette’s assault charged expunged

This charge came from a domestic assault incident- The media is dancing around it, but, it seems obvious. She assaulted her husband. Her husband was not charged and it is highly unusual for a woman to be charged with assault in a domestic incident unless something egregious happened.

Like it or not Payette's past is news
This week, iPolitics reporter BJ Siekierski learned that Julie Payette, the woman whom Justin Trudeau intends to make governor general, faced a second-degree assault charge in Maryland in 2011, apparently related to an incident with her husband. The charge ultimately was dropped and later the record was expunged.

The assault charge was reportedly discovered by iPolitics in what it called a routine background check on the former astronaut. The alleged offence took place on November 24, 2011, at Piney Point, Md and has since been removed from Payette’s record.
The record appears to show Payette was charged under Section 3-203 of the Maryland Code, with punishment carrying a jail term of up to a decade and $2,500 USD in fines. On December 8, 2011, the assault case was entered as nolle prosequi, meaning either the victim refused to press charges, a witness recanted or the district attorney sees little chance of conviction, iPolitics reported.

Second-degree assault charges are often laid when a person is accused of causing physical injury to another person or by making them fearful of harm.
Wondering if this was an ongoing issue between Payette and her then husband?
At the time, Payette was living with her then-husband, William Flynn, a retired Royal Canadian Air Force pilot and F-35 fight jet advocate. Payette and Flynn split in mid-2013, according to family court documents related to custody rights.
It sure appears as if Ms Payette has much to hide and is going to great lengths to bury some uncomfortable facts about herself! Not confidence inspiring is it?

Amazingly, the CBC had an interesting op ed about the very obvious double standards being applied in this situation

Trudeau's silence on Payette's expunged assault charge shows double standard: Robyn UrbackTrudeau was forthright in the past about unproven allegations concerning his MPs. Why so quiet now?
What makes the story exceptional, however, is the prime minister's reluctance to address the report with anything beyond a cursory "no comment."

In a thoughtful column for iPolitics, Susan Delacourt posited that Trudeau's response might not have been so nonchalant had reports surfaced of a male governor general-designate with an expunged (domestic) assault charge in his history.

"It brings up a thought-provoking question," she wrote. "Could the PMO simply say 'no comment' in response to reports about an assault charge involving a male appointee?"

"Probably not," she answers. "Let's all cast our minds back to Trudeau's delivery of swift justice against two former Liberal MPs accused of pressing unwelcome advances against two female New Democrat Mps."  

It's not a perfect comparison, but the difference in approach is striking: a couple of men were treated as guilty before we knew the facts, and Trudeau jumped in front of the microphone at seemingly the first available opportunity. But now, with a woman at the centre of the controversy, he's totally mum.

It's not far-fetched to think that if it was discovered that a male governor general had an assault charge in his past, Trudeau would seize the opportunity to evangelize about male aggression and domestic violence. Then again, I don't think Trudeau would appoint a male governor general with a past assault charge — even one that had been dropped and expunged — in the first place.

I don’t think he would appoint a male with a past expunged domestic assault charge either. 
Not politically correct in our present day male bashing society.

On the other hand Julie Payette’s nomination is all the more acceptable for the male bashing agenda ongoing present day? Payette assaulted her husband. And Trudeau plays the identity politics card very well when it came to suspending two male members of caucus based on allegations, alone. In their own ways- Trudeau and Payette are both male bashers.

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US Increases Military Posts in Kurd Annexed Syria: Vindicated Again

Via Elijah Magnier.  Of all people! An individual  who is quoted and linked to all over the place, yet is one,  I never read. Never refer to. Nothing. 
Had Robin Morritt at Syper not left a comment for me-  I wouldn't have even known of this vindication. So, thanks Robin! :)

It’s so very interesting to notice that as of late, due to the obviousness of what is actually occurring, more people are reporting on the Kurdish thugs and their role in reshaping the ME region. Alongside the Uk/Usrael.  But Mr Magnier went one better. Not only did he speak of the collusion between the Kurds and the US in an attempt to remake the region. And this curious synchronicity between ISIS/The US and Sykes Picot.  He touched on the fact that the US is betraying Turkey-

hat tip Robin Morritt- thanks for bringing the article to my attention

“One for Penny, I guess. Elijah Magnier talks about US plans for Kurdistans in Syria and Iraq”

My response
Hi Robin: Elijah Magnier is years behind me- If anyone would have actually bothered to read what I’ve been writing since 2014- They would have understand why I use Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan or Greater Kurdistan. It was too bad the Israeli/Kurd PR polluted Syper in order to obfuscate the agenda

First  EM: “Islamic State” and then the US breaches Sykes-Picot with one objective: the Partition of Syria and Iraq.
“In 2014, the “Islamic State” terrorist group (ISIS) breached the deserted frontier between Iraq and Syria: its bulldozers crossed from the Iraqi borders on Sinjar into al-Hasaka province with US-made Humvees captured during the occupation of Mosul. Just a week ago, hundreds of US Special Operation Forces crossed Iraq into Syria with their Humvees in military convoy, following the same ISIS path breaching the British and French division of the Ottoman Empire secret agreement during the First World War by the two diplomats Sir Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot.”

Update: EM's statement brought to mind yet another older post-
First from Elijah Magnier

" crossed from the Iraqi borders on Sinjar into al-Hasaka province with US-made Humvees"

" Just a week ago, hundreds of US Special Operation Forces crossed Iraq into Syria with their Humvees in military convoy, following the same ISIS path" 

 Let's go back to 2015- Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

 "Sinjar is both a symbolic and a strategic prize, sitting astride the main highway linking the cities of Mosul and Raqqa" 

 Clearly what is going on in Sinjar has zip to do with fighting ISIS. The US is aiding the Kurds in their annexation of Iraqi territory-  Same as in Syria. Same as will be done in Turkey. The US is redrawing the borders of the ME, using ISIS as the pretext, as has been suggested here for a very long time! As the US aids the Kurds in their land thievery and nation destruction they are also ensuring a supply route to continue this redraw

Elijah Magnier is describing the supply route I explained the US was in the process of making- Connecting Raqqa to Mosul.
 Over 250 U.S. military personnel and 48 armored vehicles entered Syrian territory, today, from the Iraqi border, Kurdish activists claimed this evening.
Entering the Al-Hasakah Governorate from Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate, the U.S. military personnel reached the town of Al-Malkiyah in northwestern Syria.

Why it's that remake of the region, in plain site! I've talked about that for how many years now? ISIS crossed into Syria from Iraq in late 2013. Led by Omar al Shishani

Meet the Rebel Commander in Syria That Assad, Russia and the U.S. All Fear

"The jihadi commander has recently emerged from obscurity to be the northern commander in Syria of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS), an al Qaeda-connected coalition whose thousands of Arab and foreign fighters have overrun key Syrian military bases, staged public executions and muscled aside American-backed moderate rebel groups trying to topple President Bashar al-Assad"

Chechens drawn south to fight in Syria

And from this piece, Elijah Magnier, again
“All indications lead to the conclusion that the US is trying – with the Kurds in Syria and Iraq simultaneously – to see which one may succeed first in giving a shape to a state, imposing it as a fact on central governments, all the time aware that this policy will encourage Kurds in other parts (Iran and Turkey) to follow the same path of independence”

Exactly. What was obvious to me in 2014 is finally being articulated by those with more perceived authority then myself. Too late to the party, I crashed before it began,  stragglers.   And I paid dearly for crashing that party.  Making vindication that much sweeter!
EM: “The US is not concerned about the Erdogan and the Turkish government’s reaction to its plan in favour of a Kurdish state in both Syria and Iraq because it is in the US’s interest to destabilise Ankara (for a number reasons) even though Turkey is a NATO member”

As I like to say in the real world when one states the obvious “No shit sherlock!” How long have I been stating this is the plan? Well let’s see... How long ago did I write the post titled Kurd/ISIS symbiosis and the impending destruction of Turkey? 
Why it was 2014! November 2014. Very nearly 3 years ago.

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey.
“ It seems much more likely that there is cooperation and coordination between the Kurds and ISIS. It’s a thought that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. When one takes a look at the land grabbed by ISIS and the desired Kurdistan one can’t help but see something taking shape. Something like a new nation

 Admittedly, I prefer  the vindication over the attacks and derision. And really who wouldn't? 
It's just so interesting this broader recognition of these plans and actions which have been talked/written about for years. I suspect Magniers' perceived authority will encourage others to write about this subject or dig a little deeper into the middle east remake. It will help those who rely on bandwagon and appeals to popularity to feel ok in writing about this topic. It will ensure they 'belong' As for me? I'll continue on as I have been. My own thoughts. My own research. It's clear my instincts are pretty good. Not infallible, but, pretty solid.
 I called the Kurdish militias out for their duplicity long ago. I explained that Turkey was being destabilized and betrayed years ago. I explained the remake ongoing in plain site a plenty

Hope readers here now understand when I was writing about Turkey being targeted it’s because they are being targeted.  When I wrote about the coup as being real, and not some kind of false flag perpetrated by Erdogan,  unlike so many others, that’s because the coup was for real.  Erdogan is too independent and needs to be taken down or out. Whichever.  Besides there are bigger plans afoot and the Turks are too nationalisticRussians are too nationalistic (Code word for Globalists want to take you down) Other’s were spinning, demonizing Erdogan, that’s always something that should be watched out for.  As was explained constantly here.  Cult of personality as distraction. When I suggested the US is taking part in the destabilization of Turkey, at NATO ally, I wasn’t kidding. Recall me writing it was entirely realistic that US soldiers have already been killing Turkish soldiers- Yah, that’s a fact!

US increases Military Outposts in Annexed/Stolen Syrian Territory in Support of PKK/YPG

Read on:

Washington had set up two airbases in PKK/PYD-held Rmeilan district in the northeast of Al-Hasakah province in October 2015 and Harab Isk village in southern Kobani in March 2016.

While the Rmeilan airbase is large enough for cargo planes to land, Harab Isk base is only used by military helicopters.

While a part of the U.S. military aid to PKK/PYD goes through Iraqi border by land, the other part is shipped to the region through the Rmeilan airbase.

These “field-type” military points are usually hidden for security reasons, making it hard to be detected, according to Anadolu Agency reporters.

Apart from the military points, the U.S. also uses some other places which are hard to be detected like residential areas, PKK/PYD camps, easily transformed factories as operational points.
The U.S. forces keep the construction of operational points hidden by declaring some areas as "prohibited area" in northern Syria, the reporters say.

There are contact officers for airstrikes and artillery shelling, military consultants, training officers, operational planning officers and military units to engage in active conflicts in eight military points.

The equipment in the military points includes artillery batteries with high maneuverability, multi-barrel rocket launchers, various mobile equipment for intelligence and armored vehicles such as "Stryker" for general patrols and security.
Military points in Al-Hasakah

There are also three military points in Al-Hasakah, the latest of which was established in the northern district Tal Baydar.

According to the reporters, 100 U.S. Special Forces soldiers have been deployed to Tal Baydar within the scope of the fight against the Daesh terrorist group.

There are also foreign soldiers from the U.S.-led coalition stationed in the old farm district of Tal Tamir, which is located south of Resulayn near the Syrian-Turkish border.
There are also 150 U.S. Special Forces units in Ash Shaddadi district, south of Al-Hasakah, with a view to backing PKK/PYD during anti-Daesh operations.
Military points in Manbij

The U.S. has established two operational posts in Manbij in 2016 when PKK/PYD captured the district.

One of these posts is located in Ayn Dadad town in the district, which can be used by U.S. Special Forces for patrols against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) units rescued during the Turkish Euphrates Shield Operation.

The other military unit is located in Usariye town, west of Ayn Dadad with the purpose of protecting PKK/PYD units against FSA.

Military points in Raqqah

There are also three military posts in the northern province of Raqqah.

Along with U.S. special forces units, French special forces are stationed in a military post located in Mistanur hill, south of Kobani.

Around 200 U.S. soldiers and 75 French special forces units are also stationed in the PKK/PYD base in Ayn Issah town in northern Raqqah.

A military post in the town of Sirrin in Kobani is also used for airbornes. PKK/PYD is supplied with military equipment and ammunition through this post.

This post also serves as a communication center of the anti-Daesh coalition and used for disrupting Daesh communications.

PYD, the Syria offshoot of the terrorist organization PKK, is in control of Al-Hasakah in the east, northern Raqqah, Manbij, to the east of Aleppo, Afrin and Tal Rifaat districts.
US and YPG to sign a partnership agreement for military support for 10 years 

Apparently Andalou took both the map and article down after the US complained about it
Lucky for me and my readers I had already saved the information including the map.

 US complains to Turkey after map of posts in Syria published

"The U.S. military says it has raised concerns with Ankara over the publication of what Turkey's state-run news agency says is a map of U.S. military posts in Syria.
Anadolu Agency published a map Wednesday showing 10 locations where it says U.S. troops are located. The posts span a stretch of northern Syria controlled by Syrian Kurdish forces that the U.S. supports but Turkey considers terrorists.
The U.S. doesn't disclose where U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria are, for security reasons. The Pentagon says it can't independently determine where Anadolu got the information. But spokesman Eric Pahon says the U.S. would be "very concerned if officials from a NATO ally would purposefully endanger our forces by releasing sensitive information."

Interesting about the concerned officials over the actions of a NATO ally , the US is in the process of betraying. The US doesn't express or display concerns for Turkish interests. Where is the alliance then?

Israel's Annexation of Syrian Territory- Past & Present Day

As it was then:

I suppose this is an Israeli leftists attempt at accountability/whitewashing for land theft and ethnic cleansing in Syria’s Golan at the time of the Six Day War.. Which I firmly believe should be returned to Syria proper. And repopulated with Syrians. 

As opposed to Palestinian refugees, the fate of the Syrians expelled from the Golan Heights by Israel in 1967 was covered up and hidden from public awareness. Even today, most Israelis believe the area was largely empty of Syrians, and anyone who may have been there fled voluntarily.

Among the Syrian refugees fleeing their burning country to the European countries that were kind enough to open their gates, there are those who belong to a second generation of refugees. The first fled in 1967 when the Syrian Golan Heights were conquered (stolen/annexed) by the Israeli army. In contrast to the refugees in the West Bank and Gaza, the story of these refugees was blotted out of the Israeli consciousness. The facts disappeared, their story was hidden, obscured and vanished from view — as if it had never happened.

In the late 90s, I was sent by an Israeli television program to document the story of the Druze residents of the Golan Heights. I was asked to look at why they kept their allegiance to their Syrian homeland and refused to accept Israeli citizenship, despite the many benefits granted them by Israel. In the course of the investigation I was surprised to come across a completely different story. It turned out that in 1967, when the Six-Day War broke out, the Golan Heights were populated by Syrian citizens, of whom the Druze who remained were but a minority. I looked for corroboration in history books, but the Syrian inhabitants simply vanished. Only a single encyclopedia entry mentioned the fact that before the Israeli conquest the population of the Golan Heights numbered more than 100,000.

Control the information: Control reality- Is information really unimportant?
Actual, factual and true information is very important. In fact truth is so rare and priceless that it’s very nearly impossible to find. Like a rare gemstone, requiring mining conducted more deeply and broadly in hopes of uncovering some priceless treasure. This Israeli centric article, is not the truth, it is an attempt at truth while still obfuscating reality.

In the course of the investigation and filming, we heard from former IDF soldiers who fought in the Golan Heights, from members of kibbutzim and villages in the Jordan Valley as well as from the Druze themselves. They all told the same story: the Golan Heights, which in the Israeli consciousness was perceived as having been empty and devoid of people, was in fact populated — just like the West Bank when it was conquered. The report was filmed and edited, but just as the promo for the program was being broadcast, the head of the Arab affairs desk demanded that we stop the broadcast for fear of being ridiculed. He stated that there had never been civilians in the Golan Heights except for the Syrian armed forces, the proof being that “everyone knows this.” (Everyone knows this- Appeal to popularity or bandwagon. Very much like the AGW cult’s  over reliance on this logical fallacy )
Druze villagers threshing corn in Majdak Shams, Golan Heights, 1967

At the onset of the 1967 War, the Golan Heights were home to between 130,000-150,000 inhabitants. The majority of them were civilians who lived in 275 towns and villages. The largest town was Quneitra, the main city of the district, where a quarter of that population lived — a minority of whom were military personnel and their families.

During the course of the battles, as the Syrian army withdrew, about half of the civilians joined the retreat to seek shelter from Israeli bombardments, waiting for a ceasefire that would allow them to return to their homes. But those who remained behind the ceasefire line were not allowed to return. Later, those Syrian refugees who tried to return to their homes were declared infiltrators; they were sometimes fired upon by Israeli soldiers in order to scare them, 
(in order to kill them and scare others who may try to return- like I said this is a whitewash, still) while those who succeeded in crossing the border were sentenced and detained.

Reminds one of the actions of the Kurdish militias present day in northern Syria.. History repeats because no one pays attention

After the fighting was over, there remained in the Golan Heights tens of thousands of people, about half of them Syrian inhabitants. They were all expelled, with the exception of the Druze. The civilian population, consisting mostly of Sunni Muslims, among whom there were a few thousand refugees from the 1948 War, as well as some Circassians and others, was transferred across the border in an orderly manner.
 I have serious, very serious doubts that the Syrian were “transferred across the border in an orderly fashion”- It’s much more likely they were forced to flee with their lives and little more. 

As you will read, the next paragraph contradicts the claim of an “orderly transfer” and reinforces the forced to flee with their lives which makes much more sense

“Ex-combatants and residents of the Jordan Valley who came to the Golan Heights after the cessation of hostilities testified about soldiers who were seated behind tables taken from houses close to the ceasefire line, and forced the Syrian residents to sign documents stating that they were voluntarily leaving their houses and moving to Syrian territory.
“It can be assumed that the lists testifying to the silent transfer that took place in the Golan are hidden somewhere in the military archives, which will not be opened to the public for many years for reasons of state security. After the end of the fighting there was widespread plunder, but no acts of slaughter were committed....”

No acts of slaughter, my arse! I don’t even believe that claim at all. So they plundered and the people they found hiding they didn't rape and kill? Or torture and kill? Not credible. Not credible at all...
“Convoys of military vehicles entered Quneitra with a message transmitted over loudspeakers warning the residents that they had to leave or else they could come to harm. After they fled, the beautiful city with its historic buildings stood empty for a time before it was razed to the ground. Dwellings, commercial centers, movie theaters, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, cemeteries, mosques, and churches were completely demolished by the Israeli military’s artillery fire and aerial bombardment”
This spin doctor would have me believe that all these buildings were emptywhen Israel razed them? I don’t believe it. This is not Israel’s normal behaviour.

A claim, as you will read that is clearly contradicted in the next paragraphs:
“The village dwellers who clung to their houses and were afraid to come out were also commanded to leave and march to the other side of the border. In subsequent days, bulldozers and tractors from the Jordan Valley were brought to the Golan Heights, and in an unparalleled lightning operation, destroyed all the villages, save for some buildings left standing for military training purposes.

Within a short span of time, the world of tens of thousands of people collapsed: educators, medical personnel, officials, managers, merchants, and farmers lost their land, their houses, and all their belongings. An old woman, whom all witnesses remembered well, remained in one of the villages for a few years until her death.
At the time, Israeli leaders claimed that it was their intent to control the Golan Heights temporarily (LIE) and that they would be returned when a peace agreement is signed. In practice, no more than one month after the war, Israel established the first Jewish settlement in the Golan, Merom HaGolan; its settlers expropriated not only land, but a huge quantity of livestock and cultivated fields. Two years after the war, the government of Israel approved a plan that included the annexation of the Golan and populating it with Jewish settlers. In 1981, the Knesset passed the “Golan Heights Law” which officially annexed the Golan Heights to the State of Israel. Today the Jewish population there consists of 22,000 settlers living in 32 settlements.
So it is today:

Israel’s new occupation zone in Syria 

I've covered on many occasions here at the blog Israel's diabolical actions in Syria's Golan attempting to steal yet more Syrian territory
"Perhaps the most woefully under-covered fact of the war in Syria has been Israel’s role, and the fact that it has been supplying armed groups allied with Al-Qaeda.
The Golan Heights is a part of Syria that has been occupied illegally by Israel since 1967; the Zionist state annexed the territory in 1981. This colonial aggression is not recognised internationally.
The UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) keeps track of violations of the ceasefire in the Golan Heights. UNDOF’s reports have for years now shown that Israel is in regular contact with armed rebel groups, including some in those areas which were at the time held by the official Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria.
 Israel’s official, stated, strategy in Syria is to “let both sides bleed” in order to prolong the war for as long as possible so as to weaken Syria and its allies, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran.
The latest UNDOF report confirms that Israeli aid to armed extremists in Syria is on the rise. “Relative to the previous reporting period,” it reads, “there has been a significant increase in interaction between” Israeli soldiers and “individuals from the Bravo side,” code for the ostensibly Syrian-controlled side of the ceasefire line. “UNDOF observed 16 interactions between” the Israeli army “and unknown individuals… occurring on four occasions in February, three in March, eight in April and on one occasion in May.”
 The report documents how “unknown individuals, armed and unarmed, accompanied by mules, approached the [Israeli army] position and were met by and interacted with [Israeli army] personnel. In some instances, personnel and supplies were observed to have been transferred in both directions. On all occasions, the unknown individuals and mules returned to the Bravo side.”
 A recent investigative report by the Lebanese journalist Nour Samaha shows that Israel is now pushing as much as “$50,000 a month” into a new rebel faction which is “in possession of only light weaponry, so [its fighters] act predominantly as border guards and patrol the area they’re in.” Samaha’s source for this was a rebel one. According to her investigation, Israel has a direct financial relationship in this way with somewhere between 300 and 1,000 rebel fighters. The report also names the new group’s leader as “Abu Suhaib Al-Joulani”, (Jew lani, Jew land? )  clearly a nom de guerre"

The border between Israeli occupied Golan Heights and Syria
Just a couple of many posts covering the machinations of Israel in Southern Syria:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Stephen Buhner Interviews : Plant Intelligence & the Imaginal Realm

Now for something closer to my heart.

Hubby and I pretty much own every single Stephen Buhner book. He writes both medicinally  and philosophically. His website is always linked in the sidebar. Stephen Buhner

In my opinion he is a sage. A wise, wise man. Having read many of his books, with more to go, and listening to numerous interviews I'm quite sure he'd disagree with that label, however, that's my opinion based on all I know, so I'm stickin' with it!

  First, I want to share an excerpt from on of Mr Buhner’s books.  It’s a quote that resonates with me personally. And I humbly believe ‘eating wild’ is one reason I view this world differently from many others. Since I spend time foraging and wildcrafting , with the appropriate care taken and only for my own personal consumption-

Yesterday I gathered yarrow....

Why people fear eating the wild
“If we eat the wild, it begins to work inside us, altering us, changing us. Soon, if we eat too much, we will no longer fit the suit that has been made for us. Our hair will begin to grow long and ragged. Our gait and how we hold our body will change. A wild light begins to gleam in our eyes. Our words start to sound strange, nonlinear, emotional. Unpractical. Poetic.

Once we have tasted this wildness, we begin to hunger for a food long denied us, and the more we eat of it the more we will awaken.

It is no wonder that we are taught to close off our senses to Nature.

Through these channels, the green paws of Nature enter into us, climb over us, search within us, find all our hiding places, burst us open, and blind the intellectual eye with hanging tendrils of green.The terror is an illusion, of course. For most of our million years on this planet human beings have daily eaten the wild. It’s just that the linear mind knows what will happen if you eat it now.

But we’ve gone astray with this, distracted from our task. Still, it’s a good reminder. When your hair begins to grow long and you think strange thoughts, sometimes you will wonder what is happening and will become afraid.

In Nature, human markers fade, lose significance. It takes awhile to learn the old markers again, to see the path that ancient humans took before us. In kindness, learn how to comfort yourself, to hold yourself as you would a child that is afraid of the light. (I suppose you could learn the poisonous plants first if you need to; there aren’t very many.) For on this journey, you mostly have yourself for company.

It helps if you become your own best friend
and find out what is true about all this for yourself.
Open the door and take a look around outside.
The air is shining there,
and there are wonders,
more wonderful than words can tell”

Two interviews from Legalise Freedom- I've been going through the archives there listening to that which piques my interest.

Stephen Buhner – Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Part One

June 3, 2014
Stephen Buhner discusses his book Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth which reveals that all life forms on Earth possess intelligence, language, a sense of I and not I, and the capacity to dream. It shows that by consciously opening the doors of perception, we can reconnect with the living intelligence in Nature as kindred beings, once again become wild scientists, non-domesticated explorers of a Gaian world.
Buhner explains how to use analogical thinking and imaginal perception to directly experience the inherent meanings that flow through the world, that are expressed in each living form that surrounds us, and to directly initiate communication in return. He delves deeply into the ecological function of invasive plants, bacterial resistance to antibiotics, psychotropic plants and fungi, and, most importantly, the human species itself. He shows that human beings are not a plague on the planet – they have a specific ecological function as important to Gaia as that of plants and bacteria.

Buhner shows that the capacity for depth connection and meaning-filled communication with the living world is inherent in every human being. It is as natural as breathing, as the beating of our own hearts, as our own desire for intimacy and love. We can change how we think and in so doing begin to address the difficulties of our times.

Stephen Buhner – Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Part Two

June 10, 2014

As much as I do enjoy dissecting the political machinations of the psycopathic elites, the real world is where my heart is truly happiest.

The US Empire, the CIA, and the NGOs

From between the lines or dissident voice

The following interview focuses on Engdahl’s latest book in German Secret files NGOs (Geheimakte NGOs).

Ludwig Watzal:  I guess we could agree upon the fact that the CIA is the world’s worst terror organization. After WW II, hardly any coup d’état or organized uprising happened without the helping hand of the CIA. As I understood your book, in the last 25 years, the CIA got quite a few so-called little helpers in the form of NGOs. Please, could you elaborate on that?

William Engdahl: During the Reagan Presidency very damaging scandals were becoming public about CIA dirty operations around the world. Chile, Iran, Guatemala, the top secret MK-Ultra project, the student movement during the Vietnam War to name just a few. To take the spotlight away from them, CIA Director Bill Casey proposed to Reagan creating a “private” NGO, a kind of cut-out that would pose as private, but in reality, as one of its founders the late Allen Weinstein said in a later interview to the Washington Post, “doing what the CIA did, but privately.” This was the creation of the NGO named National Endowment for Democracy in 1983. Soon other Washington-steered NGOs were added like the Freedom House or the Soros Open Society Foundations, the United States Institute of Peace and so forth.

The money was often channeled via USAID of the State Department to hide its origin. Every major regime attack by the US Government since then including the Solidarnosc in Poland, the Yeltsin CIA-backed Russia coup, the 2004 Ukraine Orange Revolution, the 2008 Tibet riots, the Arab Spring of 2011 to today—all have been done by this group of very select “democracy” NGOs. Little wonder that countries like Russia and China or Hungary act to ban them as “undesirable NGOs.”  

LW: You quote Allen Weinstein, co-author of the founding act of the NGO National Endowment for Democracy (NED), saying; “Much of what we do today was done 25 years ago by the CIA.” Are the US NGOs such as NED, CIPE, USAID, NDI, not to speak of the Soros network, the fifth column of the CIA?

WE: As I indicated above, I would say so in my opinion. Invariably their NGO agenda fits the given agenda of Washington foreign policy. Coincidence? I don’t believe so.

LW: Your critic focused mainly on a few US NGOs or would you include all non-governmental organizations in general? Aren’t all these NGOs driven by a good mind and noble deeds to spread democracy and freedom around the world?

WE: This is the devil in the concept of Bill Casey. Hiding very black dirty anti-democratic CIA operations behind private political NGOs waving the banner of “Human Rights” has been very effective for Washington’s global agenda of toppling un-cooperative regimes around the world. In effect the CIA has weaponized human rights. Curiously useful regimes for Washington such as Saudi Arabia go unbothered by calls for democracy. Their oil billions finance Washington’s global terrorism agenda.

Take the recent case of the fake democracy White Helmets NGO in Syria doing propaganda in intimate cooperation with ISIS, to justify the US-led war against the duly elected Assad regime. White Helmets get money reportedly from Soros Foundations, from the US and UK governments and were created by a former British Army Intelligence officer James Le Mesurier. Their atrocity videos have repeatedly been exposed as fake, staged by actors. Their alleged Sarin gas video showing unprotected White Helmets “first responders” handling alleged Sarin gas victims with no protective HAZMAT protection is a joke, a fake as was exposed widely after by a number of HAZMAT Sarin gas experts.

The Washington–or EU in some cases—political NGOs are effective because they can attract many innocent good-willed people. I recently received a very touching personal letter from a European Medical Doctor who had been 18 months working with the best humanitarian intention with Doctors without Borders in South Sudan before their US-backed independence. She was so grateful after reading my NGO book as she could understand all the seeming irrational directions their American Doctors Without Borders leader gave the staff. She quit because of burnout and now said she understands why. Honest doctors were being used by Washington for secret political agendas. South Sudan was target because China was receiving a major share of her oil from there via Khartoum.

Of course, not all NGOs are doing the work of the CIA. I focus on the ones with a hidden political agenda, who, as I describe in the book, have weaponized human rights and the word democracy for devious ends.

LW: In 1984, the hedge fund-Billionaire George Soros, established in Budapest the Soros Foundation. His first target was Poland. Pope John Paul II and US President Ronald Reagan met in 1982 at the Vatican to discuss the destabilization of the Communist Bloc. In this endeavor, has there also been an involvement of the Soros Foundation?

WE: The Soros Foundation established the Stefan Batory Foundation in Warsaw in 1988 to train activists to ultimately topple the Communist regime. They played a major role “building democracy” and immediately after the collapse in Poland of the government of General Czeslaw Kiszczak in August, 1989. Soros brought Harvard University “Shock Therapy” economist Jeffrey Sachs into Poland to push privatization of state enterprises, create a hyperinflation and open choice Polish state assets for auction to western investors like friends of Soros for pennies or then, for pfennig.

LW:  The two chapters on the plundering of the former Soviet Union by the CIA, Soros and his Harvard Boys in cooperation with the Yeltsin clan and former KGB official is quite shocking. Please, elaborate on this Mafia-like undertaking.

WE: I have to refer readers to the book as the treatment has been cross-checked and is exhaustive. In brief, the CIA under the direction of then-President George H.W. Bush managed to corrupt several very high-ranking KGB generals who recruited a network of young Komsomol or Communist Union of Youth proteges such as Boris Berezovsky and Mikhail Khodorkovsky to become their hand-picked “oligarchs” to plunder the State assets for pennies compared to their true worth. This was the infamous “voucher” scandal that valued the entire state assets including oil and gas, machine-making companies, high-tech, all at a little under $16 billion. They literally raped Russia for personal gain. And the CIA and its network of Western banks such as Riggs Bank in Washington allowed them to launder the money out of Russia. Even I was shocked to verify the details. It was criminal. Yeltsin was their boy. Some said so long as his supply of good Vodka was guaranteed he would do anything Soros and his Harvard economists demanded.

The interesting point to note is that President G.H.W. Bush, former director of the CIA, ordered three simultaneous NGO destabilizations in the same year, 1989.  The three were Russia, China in Tiananmen Square and Yugoslavia. The book documents this in great detail.

LW:  After Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as Russia’s President, he immediately stopped the robbing of Russia. Do you think that could be one cause why the political class in Washington hates and demonizes him to such an extent, which is irrational?

WE: Putin came from a Russian nationalist faction (as opposed to what were called cosmopolitan or internationalist faction) of the KGB and its successor. They knew they had to act with stealth until their grip was secure in 2000 when Yeltsin was forced to quietly “retire” or face revelations and Yeltsin was convinced to name Putin acting President.

There has been an undeclared war against a stable nation-state in Russia since well before 1917. The founder of Stratfor, George Friedman, one of the better informed American analysts of geopolitics and former consultant to the Pentagon and CIA among others, recently gave an interview after the CIA Ukraine “coup d’ etat” which Friedman called “the most blatant coup in US history.” That if you recall was the one where Viktoria Nuland as US Assistant Secretary of State went to Kiev and handed out candy bars to the protesters in Maidan Square and telephoned her contempt for the EU to the US Ambassador in Kiev.

Friedman noted what I have documented in my various other books such as Mit der Ölwaffe zur Weltmacht, that the foreign policy of the United States of America for at least the past century as the USA emerged on the decline of the British Empire, the US foreign policy priority has been to prevent at all costs the merging of economic interests and cooperation between especially Germany and Russia. The world has undergone two world wars because of this unfortunate geopolitical dogma of US foreign policy, a dogma taken over from the British and from the father of British geopolitics, Sir Halford Mackinder.

Washington hates and demonizes Putin for the reason he has moved deliberately to stabilize Russia as a great nation, which it truly is as I can attest from almost 25 years of personal experience. And as a result of Washington’s demonization, Putin’s influence in the world seems only to grow stronger—first with China, then Eurasia nations, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, even the Philippines and Latin America. The world is becoming fed up with the endless agenda of overt and covert USA wars everywhere. We need to look closely behind the Trump words and very soon we find the same old, degenerate oligarchs and their so-called deep-state of unelected bureaucrats at work. 

LW:  The dismantling of Yugoslavia was a catastrophe. The Germans under the chancellorship of Gerhard Schroeder and his infamous foreign minister Joschka Fischer joined forces with Clinton to overthrow the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. In this coup-like operation, were there also NGOs involved? And what was their strategy?

WE: Yes. Follow the subsequent career of Mr. Fischer. A street thug from the 1968 Frankfurt protests becomes crowned by the USA and its mainstream media as a statesman, apparently the reward for delivering the Green Party vote for bombing Yugoslavia in 1999. After office, Fischer got an honorary teaching post at my Alma Mater, Princeton. Later George Soros invites Mr Fischer on to his new European council on Foreign Relations think tank.

In terms of the toppling of Slobodan Milosevic, the US government and its select NGOs including NED and Soros foundations, organized, financed, and trained key student leaders and others in a successful coup, under the name Otpor! (Resistance!), with the now -ubiquitous logo of the threatening clenched fist. Serbian translations of Gene Sharp’s writings on nonviolent action were used and the key leaders were personally trained by Sharp’s associate US Army colonel Robert Helvey in secret meeting places to avoid police. Otpor! got by some estimates as much as $30 million from U.S. government-linked organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), International Republican Institute (IRI), and US Agency for International Development (USAID). The destruction of Yugoslavia was orchestrated since the 1980’s by Washington, first Bush Sr. then Clinton. The aim was to create a war in Europe to justify the continued presence of a NATO whose raison d’être after the collapse of the Soviet Union was hard to justify to American taxpayers or to the Europeans who were planning an independent European Defense Pillar apart from NATO. For Washington and the influential US military industrial complex such independence was tabu!. The second aim was to establish a huge US military presence later in Kosovo called Camp Bond Steel.

LW:  When the Arab masses went into the streets of Tunis, Cairo and Tripoli, the Western media, and political class were thrilled. Finally, democracy, freedom, and human rights found their way into the Arab world. Were these uprisings spontaneous or were they organized and orchestrated from outside forces?

WE: The entire Arab Spring was secretly planned and financed by Washington and US-financed NGOs. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a key figure along with her bizarre Muslim Brotherhood assistant Huma Abedin. The RAND Corporation, which is a Pentagon think tank responsible for developing the technique of mob “swarming” like bees, as a way using facebook and social media to steer protests, played a key role.

The protest student groups in Egypt were US-trained, again using translations of Gene Sharp, they were brought to Europe to be secretly trained by the leaders of Otpor!.

In the case of Libya’s Qaddafi, a more urgent regime change was deemed necessary as the now-famous DCLeaks and Wikileaks emails of Hillary to her private adviser Sidney Blumenthal reveal. Qaddafi, who contrary to his demonized image had built up Libya with the highest living standard in all Africa, was about to unveil creation of an alliance of Muslim central banks and introduction of a Gold Dinar currency for oil sales not US dollars. He was doing so together with Ben Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt. As Hillary wrote to Blumenthal, that had to be blocked by whatever means. The means to “block” were the illegal bombing of Libya and the assassination of Qaddafi and turning Libya into a field of rubble. The original Pentagon-CIA-State Department plan called for the immediate toppling of another thorn in Washington’s side immediately after Qaddafi, that was Bashar al Assad in Syria. That has not worked out well for the Washington planners and a great human tragedy unnecessarily has grown out of 6 years of what essentially is a US-led war there.

LW:  In the old days, the conquerors brought in its wake the missionaries. Today, the Western neo-colonial powers come with hundreds of NGOs who teach the indigenous population how Western democracy is supposed to function. Do you think the NGOs serve the interest of these people? What about the German NGOs who especially carry a lot of ideological ballast, for example, in the form of gender mainstreaming with them? What do you make of that?

WE: I think your analogy with the “Christian” missionaries of the past and the “Human Rights” or “democracy” NGOs today is very fitting. I am not competent to comment on the activities of various German NGOs. My main focus is Washington, the hegemonic power today and source of so much that is destructive, unfortunately.

LW: At the beginning and at the end of your book you refer to George Orwell’s double think that means “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.” Do we live in times where the original meanings of words become different contents? Do the US Empire and its vassal states wage war in the name of democracy and destroy the nation states with the same democratic rhetoric?

WE: This is why I found the Orwell quote so appropriate. His book 1984 in many ways is a description of what has been allowed to happen to our western democracies, especially in Britain and the USA.

LW: If you could give the NGOs a piece of advice, what would you tell them?

WE: For the honest persons who may have got caught up in nice rhetoric about values, human rights and such, I would suggest looking more closely at the money trail feeding your given NGO. For the NED or Soros foundations I would suggest they would all do mankind a favor by shutting their doors permanently. That you allow nations and individuals to decide their own sovereign future without your unwanted meddling. I would say, to paraphrase Cromwell to the British Long Parliament, ”You human rights NGOs, Go! You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

LW: Mr. Engdahl, thanks for the interview.

WE: Thank you for your interest and excellent questions.